Comedy / Humor Keynote Speakers

Comedy / Humor Keynote Speakers

SpeakInc’s comedy speakers are guaranteed to bump up the excitement of your corporate events and gatherings. Our network of comedians, humorists, and corporate entertainers will bring fun and laughter as a welcome break from serious industry and education sessions, and make your event memorable


Matt Havens

Leadership, Change Management, Strategies or Generation Issues

Travels from TX

Fee may vary

['Matt-Havens', 'Jessica-Pettitt']

Jessica Pettitt

Diversity, Inclusion, Leadership, Communication, Event Emcee/Host

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

['Matt-Havens', 'Jessica-Pettitt', 'christine-cashen']

Christine Cashen

America's Top Humorista

Travels from TX


['Matt-Havens', 'Jessica-Pettitt', 'christine-cashen', 'durwood-fincher']

Durwood Fincher

America's Premier Double-Talking Impostor

Travels from GA

Fee may vary

['Matt-Havens', 'Jessica-Pettitt', 'christine-cashen', 'durwood-fincher', 'greg-schwem']

Greg Schwem

Business Humorist/Corporate Emcee/Syndicated Columnist/Author & Host of "A Comedian Crashes Your Pad

Travels from IL

Fee may vary

['Matt-Havens', 'Jessica-Pettitt', 'christine-cashen', 'durwood-fincher', 'greg-schwem', 'Scott-Christopher']

Scott Christopher

Speaker, Author, Actor, Humorist & Host

Travels from UT

Fee may vary

['Matt-Havens', 'Jessica-Pettitt', 'christine-cashen', 'durwood-fincher', 'greg-schwem', 'Scott-Christopher', 'Mark-Mayfield']

Mark Mayfield

"The Corporate Comedian" Captivating content Speaker, Emcee. Managing Change, Stress Manag

Travels from AZ


['Matt-Havens', 'Jessica-Pettitt', 'christine-cashen', 'durwood-fincher', 'greg-schwem', 'Scott-Christopher', 'Mark-Mayfield', 'kathy-buckley']

Kathy Buckley

Actress, Motivational Speaker & Humanitarian

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

['Matt-Havens', 'Jessica-Pettitt', 'christine-cashen', 'durwood-fincher', 'greg-schwem', 'Scott-Christopher', 'Mark-Mayfield', 'kathy-buckley', 'The-Water-Coolers']

The Water Coolers

New Music & Comedy About Having A Job

Travels from NY

Fee may vary

['Matt-Havens', 'Jessica-Pettitt', 'christine-cashen', 'durwood-fincher', 'greg-schwem', 'Scott-Christopher', 'Mark-Mayfield', 'kathy-buckley', 'The-Water-Coolers', 'Jeff-Civillico']

Jeff Civillico

Corporate Entertainer, Host/Emcee, Keynote Speaker & Philanthropist

Travels from NV

Fee may vary

['Matt-Havens', 'Jessica-Pettitt', 'christine-cashen', 'durwood-fincher', 'greg-schwem', 'Scott-Christopher', 'Mark-Mayfield', 'kathy-buckley', 'The-Water-Coolers', 'Jeff-Civillico', 'bill-herz']

Bill Herz

Corporate Magician & Entertainer

Travels from NY

Fee may vary

['Matt-Havens', 'Jessica-Pettitt', 'christine-cashen', 'durwood-fincher', 'greg-schwem', 'Scott-Christopher', 'Mark-Mayfield', 'kathy-buckley', 'The-Water-Coolers', 'Jeff-Civillico', 'bill-herz', 'Passing-Zone8']

The Passing Zone

Corporate Humor With a Twist

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

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